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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Go green with wind power

Solar power isn’t the only route if you want to create renewable energy in your home – reducing your bills and your carbon footprint. Clean and green, the wind is a limitless natural resource. And you don’t need strong winds to produce enough energy to power your home.

After an extensive search, we’ve partnered with Korean experts Hi-Energy to bring you market-leading vertical axis wind turbines. Unlike propeller turbines, they’re designed for climates with mild winds and frequent changes in wind direction – making them a perfect fit for French homes.

How much energy will your turbines generate?

Unsure whether to opt for wind or solar power? Wondering how much energy you’ll be able to generate – and when you’ll receive a return on your investment? Our team of renewable energy experts will go through all your options are part of the quoting and survey process, using advanced software to demonstrate exactly how much energy you’ll generate, how much you’ll save on bills and when you’ll receive a return on your investment.

Looking for more technical information about the turbines?

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