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Energy Storage & Usage

Energy Storage & Usage

Store your energy and manage its use

GivEnergy BatterySo, you’re making the move to renewable energy – that’s fantastic. But what happens if you don’t use all the energy you generate from your high-performing solar panels? After all, you’re not likely to be turning on the heating or lights while the sun’s at its most powerful. An energy storage system empowers you to use your solar energy whenever you need it – meaning you’re not relying on the grid to power your home during the night or on those cloudy days.

Having a storage solution for the power you generate also opens up other possibilities. Your inverter controls power consumption in your home, directing any energy you don’t use to charge your batteries – with any excess sold back to the grid. Plus, when you’re not at home, any power you generate surplus to your minimal base load also goes back to the grid. With this approach, you’ll optimise your renewable investment even faster.

The world’s best green energy storage solutions

We’ve been hard at work to identify the best storage solutions on the market. And our research has led us to GivEnergy, award-winning designers and manufacturers of an exceptional range of energy storage products for the renewables sector.

From inverters to diverters and batteries to monitoring platforms, GivEnergy produce the industry’s highest performing storage products for homes. They’ll monitor your system’s output so that its performance is above and beyond anything else that’s available – for example, the inverter operates at 99.5% efficiency – and enable you to sell any excess back to the grid. And you’ll be pleased to hear that your system won’t take up too much valuable space either. In fact, your battery isn’t much bigger than a car battery. (See our FAQs and download for precise dimensions).

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